Biology based, people powered! Please explore and contact anyone noted below to learn more about different aspects of synthetic biology at Stanford.

Nils Averesch

Biomolecular Engineering & Biomanufacturing for Space & Sustainability

SB.Sustain, SB.Go, SB.Fun

Averesch Website

Eric A. Appel

Biomaterials, Hydrogels, Environmental Engineering  SB.Sustain, SB.Fun

Appel Lab Website

Annelise Barron

Biomemetic Molecular Engineering for Medicine

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Barron Lab Website

Lacramiora Bintu

Mammalian Cell Engineering 

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Bintu Lab Website

Jenn Brophy

Plant Morphogenesis, Logic, & Microbiomes 

SB.Sustain, SB.Forest, SB.Fun

Brophy Lab Website

Chris Chafe

Art Design & Performance


Chafe Website

Wah Chiu

Cryogenic electron microscopy

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Wah Chiu Profile

Stanford-SLAC Cryo-EM Facility 

Jennifer Cochran

Protein Engineering for Basic Science and Biomedical Applications

SB.Med, SB.Fun

Cochran Lab Website

Todd Coleman

Biopolicy & Leadership, Neurotechnologies

Bio.Polis, SB.Med, SB.Fun

Coleman Website

Rhiju Das

Modeling & Design of RNA Molecules 

SB.Fun, SB.4ALL, SB.Med

Das Lab Website

Paul DeMarinis

Art, Design, & Performance; Re/Presentation & Culture 


DeMarinis Website

Karl Deisseroth

Tools for controlling and mapping living systems

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Deisseroth Lab Website

Drew Endy

Fundamentals, Culture, Strategy

SB.Fun, SB.4ALL, SB.Arts, Bio.Polis

Endy Lab Website

Michael Fischbach

Human Microbiome

SB.Med, SB.Fun

Fischbach Lab Website

Xiaojing Gao

Smart Medicines, Biological Systems Design

SB.Med, SB.Fun

Gao Lab Website

Matthias Garten

Host Parasite Interactions, Bottom-Up Synthetic Biology

SB.Fun, SB.Med

(Garten Lab Website)

Rogelio Hernandez-Lopez

Immune cell engineering, Microbiome engineering, Cancer

SB.Fun, SB.Med, SB.4ALL

Hernandez-Lopez Lab Website

Possu Huang

Protein Design for Biomedical Applications

SB.Med, SB.Fun

Huang Lab Website

Mike Jewett

Cell-free metabolic systems, ribosome engineering 

SB.Sustain, SB.Fun, SB.4ALL

Jewett Lab Website

Eric Kool

Chemical Biology of DNA and RNA

SB.go, SB.garage,

Kool Lab Website

Phillip Kyriakakis 

Evolution of Optogenetic Tools, Viral Vector Engineering

SB. Fab, SB.JEDI, SB.Go, SB.Accelerate, SB.Med

Kyriakakis Website

Sasha  Levy

Genomic technologies for bio-discovery and bio-building

SB.Fun, SB.Garage

Sasha Lab Website

Zelda Love

Bioengineering Principles for Undergraduates


Love Website

Josh Makower

Biodesign, Translation, Entrepreneurship

SB.Med, SB.4ALL, SB.Garage

Stanford Biodesign

Michaëlle Mayalu

Dynamics & Control of Biological Systems

SB.Med, SB.4ALL, SB.Fun

Mayalu Lab Website

Sergiu P. Pasca

Human Neural Circuits


Pasca Lab Website

Megan Palmer

Biopolicy & Leadership


Palmer Website

Stanley Qi

Discovery-based Synthetic Biology, Gene Therapy & Cell Therapy 

SB.Med, SB.Fun

Qi Lab Website

Marc Salit 

Biometrology, Workflow Disaggregation

SB.Fun, Bio.Polis

Salit Website

Elizabeth Sattely 

Discovery and Engineering of Plant Metabolic Pathways 

SB.Forest, SB.Fun

Sattely Lab Website

Christina Smolke 

Modular Genetic Platforms for Programming Living Systems

SB.Med, SB.Fun, SB.4ALL

Smolke Website

Tina Seelig

Creativity, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship

SB.Garage, Bio.Polis

Seelig's Website

Mark Skylar-Scott

Tool development: Synthetic Stem Cells, Organoids and Tissues, Optogenetic tools


Skylar-Scott Lab Website

Lisa Solomon

Embracing ambiguity, Exploring worldviews, Leadership development

Bio.Polis, SB.Arts

Solomon's Website

Justin Sonnenburg

Instrumentation and composition of microbial communities in the gut 

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Sonnenburg Lab Website

Michael Specter

Communication, Storytelling, Understanding

Bio.Polis, SB.4All

Specter's Bio

Lars Steinmetz

Genetics and genome technologies

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Steinmetz Lab Website

James Swartz

Biotechnology for human and planet health

SB.Fun, SB.Med, SB.Forest

Swartz Lab Website

Hawa Racine Thiam

Cellular biophysics, human immune system engineering

SB.Fun, SB.Med

Racine Thiam Lab Website

Alice Ting

Biochemical technology for mapping molecules, cells, and functional circuits

SB.Med, SB.Garage, SB.Fab, SB.Go, SB.Accelerate

Ting Lab Website

Milana Trounce

Biosecurity & Emergency Medicine

SB.Med, SB.4ALL, Bio.Polis

Trounce Website

Ellen Yeh

Microbial ecology for planet health

SB.Fun, SB.Forest

Yeh Lab Website

Helen Dang

Community building


Ana Guerrero


Tempo by Ana Website